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Premium CBD Products


There are advantages to growing hemp in the mountains of Western Maryland. At a higher elevation, summer temperatures are moderate and natural rainfall is plentiful. Hemp flowers grow full and rich of essential cannabinoids which are utilized to produce a premium line of therapeutic products.

If you need help with sleep, lowering stress or anxiety, recovering from exercise or general aches and pains, CBD oil is a safe and effective natural remedy.

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If you're into fitness, the biggest obstacle is workout recovery. Get back on track with a daily CBD regimen. Our Premium Gold Roll-On targets safe but powerful relief to keep you comfortable and active.



Stress and anxiety can be brought on by sudden burdens or a chronic condition that is disruptive and destructive. CBD oils naturally reduce stress/anxiety without the blurry buzz of pharmaceuticals.


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There is nothing worse than a sleepless night. Use sublingual drops or top off your non-caffeinated beverage with our Smooth Snooze to mellow the harsh that's keeping you up.



It's About Time

And About Place

Millions of dollars of industrial hemp has been imported from Canada and China for decades while U.S. growers were prohibited to farm the sister plant to marijuana. Now that the non-hallucinogen flowers are legal to grow, farmers are able to cultivate this valuable, multi-use crop. Hemp farming duo Darryl and Haeli are working towards a greener, healthier future for both humans and our Earth by reviving their family farm with new opportunities.

The couple not only share a love for each other, but also of Darryl's family farm that has been passed down for over 100 years. They are one of the first commercial producers of hemp in Garrett County and are charting new and expanding horizons for all farmers on the mountaintop. As the hemp agricultural industry takes off, they welcome an opportunity to chat, collaborate, and partner with other farmers, CBD distributors, and retailers to cultivate the highest quality hemp and CBD products. 

Meadow Mountain Hemp, LLC is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland in Garrett County. The area is home to state parks and Deep Creek Lake, a popular vacation resort, with four seasons of opulent recreation for the outdoor enthusiast.


Get an insiders look at one of the first industrial hemp farms in Garrett County! Visit us just outside of Deep Creek Lake and discover what it means to be a traditional farmer in a modern era through a walking tour at our 100-year old family farm.

MMH farm tours are designed to share the unique culture of next generation farmers growing hemp, aiming to connect farm-curious CBD lovers to the place where it all begins. We strive to provide education and a closer look at the process of growing hemp for CBD products. Our guests see firsthand the process of how hemp is grown to produce CBD oils and hear from the hard-working individuals who believe hemp is the future. Spend some time discovering the countryside, exploring our farm, hearing stories, meeting farmers, and observing the growth process of hemp.

Meadow Mountain Hemp offers interactive Farm Tours in the summer from June - September. 

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