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After a robust harvest in 2019, Meadow Mountain Hemp is embarking on a new line of CBD oil consumer products. The first one-quarter acre test crop produced an impressive high yield that has farmers Darryl and Haeli energized and ready to expand their growing capacity.

The newlywed couple have made the family farm their permanent home this year. They have big plans to produce premium hemp flowers and health products to help with pain management, anxiety, and the multitude of other ailments.

A top priority, is the Platinum CBD 1260 tincture that delivers a safe and powerful *sublingual dose of CBD oil. When taken at bedtime, it can restore sore muscles and delete the day's stress for a good night's sleep. Each bottle is sized to last for up to 30 days depending on individual use.

Because consumer CBD oils are still relatively undiscovered in the U.S., Meadow Mountain Hemp is developing a 100-milligram Try-Size single dose. The sampler allows new users to test the effectiveness of CBD oil without committing to a 30-day regimen. It also makes a great introductory gift for someone who may be skeptical of hemp's effectiveness.

A third product in development is the Gold Premium Cosmic Relief roll-on in a handy compact applicator. The roll-on allows CBD to be applied topically to target joint, arthritic, or muscle pain. The product conveniently fits in a pocket, gym bag, or backpack without worry of messy spills.

  • Sublingual dosing is administered under the tongue and allowed to directly absorb through the mucous membrane. Avoid swallowing or drinking immediately after application. Taking two-hours before or one hour after eating or drinking is most effective.

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