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How Much CBD Should I Take?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As with any therapeutic supplement, CBD dosing will vary from person to person. For the past year, we’ve been conducting market research to determine what products are working and why so we may confidently offer our own suggested dosing information on CBD. One of the overwhelming conclusions made was that purchase of CBD products is largely based on price point, packaging, and “best guesses” on suitable products for ailments/health. While this is a common process for consumers, it is not necessarily the best way forward when choosing CBD products. The real question to ask is, “what relief am I looking for?” Whether it’s problems with energy, sleep, anxiety or pain, dosing may vary based on the individual’s needs.

Many CBD products on the market contain a CBD concentration that does not provide the consumer with the expected therapeutic result. This causes the consumer to question the efficacy of CBD, often becoming a one time user and someone who is missing out on the benefits CBD offers. We understand—who wants to use a product that doesn’t work?

The hemp and CBD industry are still young and we as an industry lack proper clinical trials and regulation to standardize and determine exact dosing and bioavailability in humans. As the hemp industry continues to grow, researchers will likely conduct more studies on cannabis, including marijuana and hemp and its derivatives.

Meadow Mountain Hemp is dedicated to meeting consumer needs by utilizing a science based approach to our formulations to ensure our consumers receive a premium product made from locally grown hemp. When our founder, Darryl, first started using CBD to treat his anxiety and insomnia, his results were mixed - this began our journey to determine what makes a product actually work. He found that CBD oils and tinctures below 800mg (~27mg/mL) were not effective and showed zero results to remediate his sleep issues. In order to obtain the desired result, he would take two or three doses of low concentrated tincture, therefore exhausting his supply in a matter of days rather than providing the thirty days of relief as expected. With this knowledge, Darryl gained a better understanding of how his body reacted to different doses, encouraging Meadow Mountain Hemp to release CBD oil products at a higher concentration.

In our first run of product, we produced a tincture that contains 1260mg of CBD or 42mg/mL. Why the 1260? We want to stand out amongst the crowd and our competitors by providing an extra edge to the usual 1000mg tinctures currently on the market. This higher dose allows our consumers to enjoy a 30-day supply of product that will provide relief from sleep loss due to anxiety as well as a routine supplement to aid in recovery after workouts. Our high-end oils are extracted with state of the art supercritical CO2 extraction methods producing premium oil without the harsh taste that results from other extraction techniques. Our oil is full spectrum, meaning it contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally occurring in our BaOx strain hemp crop. Research shows that terpenes enhance the effects of CBD by providing additional anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective functions. Products branded as “CBD isolate” contain a pure form of CBD without these additional beneficial compounds. We firmly believe that the synergistic effects that these compounds have creates a premium product that produces real results.

We are excited to share the benefits of CBD oils through our products at Meadow Mountain Hemp and recommend that people who are new to CBD discover the right dosage for themselves . Finding the right dosage requires adjustment and experimentation especially in the early days of use. The good news is that CBD oil use is safe and has no known associated risks. To help ensure proper dosing, we created a tincture dosing guide for our customers to better gauge and utilize our products to meet individual needs. The dosing guide is designed specifically for our consumers to regulate the use of CBD oils and mitigate concerns that new users may have regarding CBD products.

Additionally, we created a 100mg 1mL try-size for new customers who are interested in introducing CBD to their daily regimen but are not sure where to start. Great for first time users and gifts for family and friends, our sample size tincture is the perfect introduction to CBD for consumers who are excited to try the product and want to understand the effects before purchasing the full 30-day supply. We want CBD to be accessible to everyone and are not in the business of creating roadblocks. If you are familiar with CBD products, you will find our formulas are premium and provide strong results, depending on the relief our customers are seeking. Here at Meadow Mountain Hemp, we believe people from all walks of life can benefit from our premium CBD products and want to ensure consumers are receiving the benefits they are looking for.

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